• Assessment of all marketing, leasing policies and income centers, with recommendations regarding new or additional income opportunities.  Develop strategic lease up action plans.
  • Review and analysis of the operator's Financial Statements compared to budget, forecast, and industry benchmarks.
  • Develop and analysis of the operator's Forecasts and Annual Budget with appropriate recommended adjustments.
  • Review, analysis, and recommendations regarding strategic capital planning, as well as analysis and approval of capital funding requests. 
  • Review and analysis of leases, licenses, insurance and other operating agreements. 
  • Monitor overall operator performance and provide recommendations for operational and resident/tenant experience improvement. 
  • Monitor real estate trends, market trends, and comp set initiatives that have the potential to materially affect the asset. 
  • Periodic meetings with the operator and reporting to the ownership/investors.
  • Facilities Management & capital improvement management.

Additionally, Park Grove is also engaged in a variety of consulting and advisory assignments, providing overall real estate expertise necessary to assist owners and investors in making critical decisions regarding their assets. It is a primary objective for Park Grove to provide a customized level of service to its clients in order to satisfy the individual needs of that client. Upon recognizing specific needs of the client, a tailored plan is prepared and executed.