Park Grove Realty is a real estate development and management company focusing on multi-family residential, mixed-use and commercial projects in Rochester, NY. Founded by Andrew Crossed and Andrew Bodewes, Park Grove’s mission is to develop high quality projects that add value to real estate and provide positive growth by managing the property as a long term asset. 

Currently, Park Grove has an active pipeline of several development projects ranging from the conversion of a mixed-use former industrial building into state-of-the-art office space and loft apartments to the development of a large self-storage facility located near a major university. Park Grove is focused on opportunities throughout upstate New York.

Mr. Crossed and Mr. Bodewes have extensive experience in the acquisition and rehabilitation of existing buildings into multi-family and mixed-use as well as historic preservation.  They recognize the importance of collaboration with local leaders to develop assets that enhance their communities.  They have over 30 years of combined experience in real estate and are committed to pursuing and developing projects that are beneficial to the community and the long term value of the company.

Both men are former partners of Conifer Realty, LLC where they led the Development Department from 2008 until mid-2015, managing a team of over 15 professionals.  During that time, Conifer grew from approximately 4,000 apartment units to over 14,000 units with offices in Rochester, Syracuse, Mt. Laurel NJ, and Baltimore, MD.

In September of 2015, Crossed and Bodewes established Park Grove Realty.