Andrew Crossed

Managing Partner

Andrew Crossed is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Park Grove Realty, LLC, starting the company in September of 2015 with Andrew Bodewes.  Mr. Crossed focuses his efforts on leading the company operations as well as development and acquisition opportunities. 


Andrew Bodewes


Andrew Bodewes is a partner and co-founder of Park Grove Realty, LLC starting the company in September 2015 with Andrew Crossed. Mr. Bodewes focuses his efforts on new development opportunities for the company throughout Upstate NY. 


Sou Kongmany

Office Manager & Paralegal

With over fifteen years of office management and paralegal experience, Ms. Kongmany oversees Park Grove Realty’s office operations including real estate closing, business development, and real estate development budgeting, bookkeeper, marketing, event planning, and lease & tenant relations.   

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Caleb Scorsone

Regional Property & Asset Management

With twenty three years of hospitality and real estate experience in property and asset management operations in multiple States, Mr. Scorsone oversees Park Grove Realty’s Management Operations Division and Portfolio Assets, as well as financial/human resources management, project administration, marketing/lease up management, & overall property openings after takeover.